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The Easter poem

The Easter Day!..
              A church’s alight with candles,
All nature cries
               with joy and vernal rain…
The  hearts are free from hurt,
                the day is candid…
The Earth wakes up
                 from winter sleep again!..
Yet Christ has risen!!
                 In the land of Salem
The Holy Flame
                 has come by Grace of God,
Bestowing the light –
                and I am praying
To treasure every sparkle
                that I’ve got!..
…Oh, let them hear
                 who’s deprived of freedom,
Whose spirit is unwilling,
                                 who’s dismayed,
Who did not see the doves
                                on roofing ridges
Holding palm-branches
                                on that holy day…
Who, looking in the glass,
                                would see a person
But not a guardian angel
                 at his back…
“Life is a gift of light!”
                 I state on purpose…
Just have a look
                at any Easter egg:
It represents
                 rebirth, life everlasting,
It is symbolic
                 of true love and faith!
A man of faith
                 is who repines at nothing
But humbly asks for God
                 to guide his steps.