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The ocean sang to me about
Finding new places around:
Oh, Australia, you are so beautiful
And you take my breath away,
But I can’t have a rest –
Because of your fabulous dress:
Sleeves consist of animals
And they are all incredible!
You are gentle and caring
With koalas you’re wearing,
And on the dress’ collar
Are Jacaranda flowers,
And on your lofty chest
Are sparkling diamonds:
These are your crystal lakes
And ancient waterfalls –
So your princely dress
As the roaring ocean flows,
Bring scent of ginger in the waves,
It came to the Sacred Stone...
Why do you disturb my soul?  –
And my blood started to fill so droll...
Well I am looking for knowledge,
And understanding the glowing
Stars – in the distant sky –
Whisper peace-loving and shy...
My sure path right now starts –
And you know – I go by the stars:
They are in your tranquil waters –
Reflected in the eyes of daughters –
We are two women in space,
And all the women dress to face.
…Ariadne's tangle I carry on the way –
O, Australia, I'm going to pray:
I'm looking for peace and tranquility,
But I have no stability:
Ocean, your calm waters
Excite me – and I’m like a wave.