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I am cut in two: I’m torn apart,
All adorned and embellished…
                 Pierced with daggers, black-and-white,
                 Every inch of pain I relish.
I became a piece of chess game,
I’m a pawn, a queen – who knows?...
                 I’m a monochrome sad maiden –
                 Neither black nor white but both.
When I smile, a rosy dimple
On one cheek appears shyly,
                 But a crystal tear dribbles
                 Down the other all the while.
What is truer, more delightful –
Joy or anguish of frustration?
                  What is harder to survive through,
                  Yearning or renunciation?
Music – black-and-white sensation –
Fills the heart as sails are filling…
                  I became your inspiration,
                  A sweet fragrance of May lilies…
I became your finest torment –
Bringing each new day a new aching…
                  A goodbyes and greetings’ torrent,
                  Caught in black-and-white embanking…
Love is dinging like the daggers,
Like the sweetest classic music –
                  Poisoning and resurrecting:
                  I’ll make you the best of muses.