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…Ah, who the man is happy with? –
His fair lady,
               his beloved:
As smart as Lenz
                         but though striving
Still knowing too little on physics…
Not knowing
                beyond the things
She studied in a somber classroom:
A girl,
                 hard-working yet unpracticed,
A pinch of salt in hand,
                                  she dreamed…
She dreamed
                 of being a goodwife,
Of children’s voices
                              in the house
Of festive colours
                      that on canvas
Of the lifescape would come alive.
The life’s a painting – it’s framed
Embracing bustle,
                         drive and care…
That’s like a granny,
                               with a prayer
And a bar of soap, washed the shade –
Spring-cleaning on the Easter Eve.
When breaking bread
                         on Holy Thursday,
She felt the pure joy, felt close to
  with lots of love to give
To family of hers.
                        That day             
She baked her special Easter-loaf
With just a pinch of salt and a clove
For better taste…
                                But anyway,
The lesson wasn’t over yet…
The schoolgirl learned,
                       at times mistaken…
But Life in the meanwhile was baking
Its own kind of leavened bread.