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Could we spare the hearts
                           from the heartache
                                           of parting and tears? – 
By not falling
                    in love:
                            no longer… not now –
                                                                nor ever?...
By confining
                               to the life of hard work
                                                               and routine?...
No way! This is not
                    what the Maker had wanted
                                             for us to endeavour!
He created this world
                     and all flesh
                                 to experience
To perceive that we only then
                                          live the lives
                                                   to the fullest
When the sun of the morning
                           casts down a beam
                                                   of soft light,
And we wake,
                          seeing someone we love
                                                unreservedly and truly!
If you are all alone,
                     you didn’t meet
                                           your soulmate –
Try to work out why –
                         find the reason
                                             and look for the cure,
Ask the Maker
               for blessing of love –
                                               ask, and patiently wait!
And the first streak of dawn
                           will dispel dead of night…