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Call of the wild

I guess one day I used to be a tabby –
With splendid whiskers and a glossy coat,
A bushy tail, green eyes that blaze like fire –
I nursed my kittens and enjoyed the fish.
I nestled by the window, to be able
To purr and subtly play the staring contest
With next-door tomcats (vibrant with desire
And ready to fulfill my every wish).
I reckon, I liked walking and exploring –
I took in graceful stride the highest fences,
I was street-smart and let my rivals have it,
But to my masters I was ever sweet.
I used to hunt – this game was never boring –
Lying in wait for mice, foxlike and patient.
Protecting little ones I fought like devils,
And loved to snuggle in a cosy nook to sleep.
I most likely used to dream and daydream...
I had that dream about an ancient city,
Where I held each cobblestone dear,
Where I was catered to my every whim!
In groves of Egypt I promenaded daily,
With awe-inspiring Pharaohs had meetings –
They issued such an ordinance one year
That I was made a goddess and a queen!..
The chances are, sometimes when I awoke,
It took a while to recollect my senses,
In such a way that I was truly puzzled:
But – how come – it’s winter outside?
Lo! Suddenly the window creaked open,
And I was out in the flick of second –
Rolling in snow, loosening stiff muscles…
…A month of Sundays waiting for the Sun!