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A song of the song

A man of wisdom asked once:
“What do you think is love?”
And I was quick to answer:
“Let’s ask the Sun above!”
It’s so bright and tireless
When shining all day long,
Whilst me – not of the timelessness
But of the earth was born.
Yet it’s the sun I should thank
For being my true guide:
My heart’s a fragile tank
With the firestorm inside!
When love – the booming avalanche –
Will soar, high and strong,
My voice will grow as mellow
As the nightingale’s song;
The sun will listen graciously
And shoot the beams of light
To make me wise and patient,
To seal my poems tight.
Away from prying eyes, I’ll store
The glowing scroll in a box…
…But  you who learned the Song of Songs
Would open these locks.