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The World

All fears subsided,
to one lenient spleen:
I am but a star,
a small cloud,
a capful of wind…
I’m the breeze
swirling down the hills,
sweeping mighty pine trees…
I’m the seashore
awaiting a gale
from the stormy high seas…
I’m a Buddha,
a Spirit,
and a Christian soul I am…
I’m the dawn and sunset
and a rainbow –
after the rain…
I am all the world,
I’m the heartbeat… a tear, a smile…
I’m taking my time
to perceive and experience life:
The presence of God
is all over,
seen and discerned…
He is in the skies,
in the footprints on sand,
in the flight of a bird,
He is
in the murmur of leaves,
in each petal and bud,
in the silence of stars,
and in me,
and in your flesh and blood.