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The Different One

That’s who I am — neither angel,
           nor demon…
Rings in the water —
           the stone is cast…
Why would you want me
           to be any different —
What if “the different one’s” love
           didn’t last?
What if?... A smooth
           pebblestone leaps out,
Hiding at once
           amid pebbles of the shore —
Sumless and vast, just like stars
           in the clouds,
Just like sea nettles that,
           gathered in shoals,
Lurk in the depths of the sea
           in late summer,
Stinging the careless swimmers
           by stealth…
Let me remain what I am:
           a touch of drama
Amidst sugar candies that bore you
           to death.
I won’t melt
           under sun of the desert
Neither I’ll freeze
           buried deep in the ice:
I’m but a part of you,
           promised and destined;
All that is not me —
           is nothing but lies.
Let me remain as I am:
           as created
In your mind’s eye —
           not that you were at fault!
…I’ll hide from lies,
           my songs being my shelter.
I shall hide you —
           since you lack the resolve
Needed to love and accept one
           “in toto”…
I do accept you,
           and so you may
Throw that stone,
           disturbing the water,
Go and hide
           in the flame of red hair:
Let’s bate the breath,
           let’s hide our hopes —
What does it matter
           if ever we change!
Once we are free
           from the cover of clothes,
Nothing can keep us apart
           or estranged!
Little do they know that
           powers of reason
Could be a set back,
           a hindrance to fate.
Love would
           take us to unthinkable limits…
Different or not,
           of your rib I was made.